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Golden Sense

With the Golden Sense metal detector, specifically developed for gold nuggets, coins and other small metals, you will easily detect targets at depths that other detectors cannot reach. Golden Sense metal detector not only finds shallow gold nuggets, coins and other metals detectable by other detectors, but it also does not miss smaller metals at incredible depths that other detectors cannot reach.

Especially in areas that are rich in gold nuggets, coins and deep metals, the surface of the ground has been searched for years and most of the shallow and smaller metals have been dug out. Searchers in such areas need to reach the gold nuggets, coins and other metals buried deeper underground. Golden Sense metal detector is now offering this opportunity with its detection at incredible depths provided by its electronic design, software and special search coil. Consequently, it is becoming the ideal choice for gold, coin and treasure hunters...

Golden Sense metal detector has superior metal discrimination. It informs the user about the metal type by using different audio tones and lights (LEDs) in different colors. With the help of Golden Sense’s simple and reliable discrimination, you will be able to see the type of metal detected without having to follow complex numbers or data.

A lot of detectors in the market produce a constant background tone called “threshold” for deeper detection. The user must follow the pitch changes in this tone to identify a target. Listening to this tone constantly disturbs the user as well as making metal detection harder.

Golden Sense metal detector with its groundbreaking technology has no threshold and it gives out a warning tone only when it detects metal while offering more depth than other devices. Therefore, it allows for a silent, comfortable and deeper searching experience.

Golden Sense metal detector can be easily used on all types of grounds. You will adjust the ground balance and sensitivity settings within seconds and you will reach your target without the need for complex settings used in other devices thus discovering the Golden Sense difference.

The system box that can be used either hanging around the neck or clipped on a belt takes weight off the shaft as well as providing convenient access to setting knobs at all times.

Golden Sense metal detector works with 8 AA Alkaline batteries that you can easily purchase anywhere and enables you to search up to 30 hours.
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