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Metal detectors have been being used by not only treasure hunters but also by many fields of occupation and institutions. For example, collectors use metal detectors to find precious items underground to richen their collections on the other hand municipalities use them for their excavated works. Day by day with the developments of technology, metal detectors have progressed a lot, too. In earlier times there were only simple versions of metal detectors however the metal detectors can provide 2D or 3D visualization from underground recently. This is because the metal detectors’ producers those give importance to the research and development units. Nowadays we can have best metal detectors types and they can provide accurate information for our search. Metal detectors price can differentiate according to their brands, areas of usages, technical specifications, direct materials and etc. For this reason we will provide you detailed metal detectors prices according to their categories. The best metal detector types will be updated systematically on this website so you can visit regularly to learn about new types of metal detectors and metal detectors price.

Nokta Metal Detectors

There are many metal detectors types the prices of which variate from ~540USD to ~10000USD in Nokta Metal Detectors category. If you are planning to use your detector to search coins, jewelry you do not have to pay too much for metal detectors as Velox One can help you for these aims with its ~540USD price. However if your aim is more than this, there are different types of metal detectors that can help you with their affordable prices compared to their similars.

Makro Metal Detectors

In this cateroy metal detectors price can change from ~500USD to ~4700USD according to their specifications and usages of areas. The cheapest metal detector type of this category is Racer 2 with ~500USD price and it can be used for finding jewelry, coins and relics. The most expensive product of this category is Deephunter 3D and its price is ~4700USD. This metal detector’s specifications are to locate deep treasures, cavities and individual coins.

Minelab Metal Detectors

Minelab Metal Detectors prices can change according to their detection capacity from ~270USD to ~8000USD. If you need a basic metal detector from this category, Go Find Series detector with ~270USD price can be useful for you however metal detectors price of full-featured ones can go up to ~8000USD.

Garrett Metal Detectors

The most expensive metal detector type of this category is ATX and the price of it is ~2200USD. It can detect all types of metals and provides the maximum detection depth and sensitivity with its wireless technology. The other metal detectors price of this category can change between ~300USD and ~750USD. You can learn the exact information about the features and prices of best metal detectors on this website when you click on the specific metal detectors. The metal detectors and metal detectors prices are updated regularly to give you current information.
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